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company news about Under what circumstances does the shock absorber need to be replaced? Must it be replaced in pairs?

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Under what circumstances does the shock absorber need to be replaced? Must it be replaced in pairs?
Latest company news about Under what circumstances does the shock absorber need to be replaced? Must it be replaced in pairs?

       The shock absorber is broken and can be felt when driving. The stability of the vehicle is poor, and the vehicle will shake up and down if the road surface is a little uneven. When crossing the bumping Road, it used to stop after shaking up and down once or twice. Now it takes three or four times to stop, and the amplitude becomes larger. This is the typical symptom of the broken shock absorber. The shock absorber doesn't need maintenance at ordinary times. It needs to be replaced only when it is broken. There are two kinds of common damages.


       Oil leakage and abnormal noise of shock absorber are the most common reasons for replacing shock absorber, among which oil leakage accounts for the majority. Generally, when I go to the 4S store for inspection, it is the easiest to find the oil leak. If the owner doesn't say other reasons, such as abnormal noise, the 4S store will not give a test drive, and naturally can't find it. The shock absorber can work normally only by the hydraulic oil in it. Once the oil leaks, the performance of the shock absorber will decline. If there is a lot of oil leakage, it will be completely damaged and will not work. It must be replaced. How to know if it leaks seriously? It depends on whether there is fresh oil on it. In some cases, the oil leakage is serious. If there is no fresh oil, it's just some oil, which takes up a lot of dust and looks dirty. It means that it is not serious at this time, but there is oil vapor coming out or a little oil leakage, which can be used for a period of time.


        The abnormal noise is usually caused by bumping on the road. It needs to be tested and checked. It is determined that the shock absorber will make abnormal noise and then be replaced. Because there are many possibilities for bumping, and the chassis can make noise in many places. The shock absorption of other cars is in winter. When it's cold, there is a strange noise when walking on the road. When the temperature is not so low, there will be no abnormal noise. The shock absorber does not need to be replaced in this case, and it will also happen in new cars. This is because the temperature is low in winter, the hydraulic oil in the shock absorber is too thick and the liquidity is poor. After winter, I will be fine.


    As for the abnormal noise, sometimes there will be a creak in the direction of driving, which is especially serious in winter. This is the plane bearing noise above the shock absorber, and it may also be the noise from the top glue, most of which is the plane bearing noise, which is also a common fault. These two parts are part of the shock absorber assembly, and the procedure for replacing the shock absorber is the same. Therefore, when replacing the shock absorber, check whether the bearing rotates smoothly by the way. If there is any sign of quick failure, it can be replaced at the same time. The price is not expensive. If it is replaced separately, the labor cost is higher, which is the same as that of replacing the shock absorber.


     Do shock absorbers have to be replaced in pairs? In most cases, you don't need to replace them in pairs. You can replace the broken one. Due to the quality difference of each shock absorber, there is a case of oil leakage or abnormal noise. The road condition is also good at ordinary times, and the mileage of the car is not too much. In this case, only one shock absorber needs to be replaced, and there is no need to replace two shock absorbers at all. If we have to go through a lot of speed bumps every day, the speed is very fast. Or often run some bumps, bad road conditions, car kilometers more, in this case the best two left and right at the same time. Because the damage of the shock absorber has a lot to do with this way of using the car, the performance of the shock absorber will decline a lot. If only one of them is changed, the hardness difference between the two sides is large. One side is hard while the other side is soft, and the other side is high while the other side is low, which will affect the stability of the vehicle.


     Most car shock absorbers have a long service life. Generally, they don't work until 5 years or 80000 kilometers. The length of life is related to the quality level, driving conditions, load capacity and driving intensity of the vehicle, and the same type of vehicle will also differ greatly. If the shock absorption is broken, the stability and comfort of the vehicle will be affected when the vehicle is braking, cornering or bumping, so the shock absorption should be replaced in time. In addition, most vehicles do not need to do four-wheel alignment after replacing the shock absorbers, because a series of work of disassembling and assembling the shock absorbers will not change the positioning data, even if positioning is done, there is no place for adjustment.  In case of any problem, please replace it in time! Choose SHOWADAY shock absorber to make your ride safer and more comfortable!

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